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This wiki provides support documentation for VoxCommando. Please use it!

Learn how to use VoxCommando

For a detailed guide, consult the Getting Started wiki page.

New users should also review the FAQ. See also: Video Tutorials.

What Is VoxCommando?

VoxCommando is a speech recognition and command utility that lets you control your multimedia HTPC and home automation using voice-activated commands. As an HTPC controller it is able to achieve accurate speech recognition because it knows what media is in your library, so it knows what to listen for.

The software was initially designed to work with many common multimedia programs such as:

  • MediaMonkey
  • XBMC
  • Windows Media Center
  • iTunes
  • and more

It has since expanded to work with various types of home automation devices such as:

  • Vera Home Controller
  • Philips Hue
  • Belkin Wemo

There are now over 20 different plugins, including a TCP plugin and a Python plugin, which greatly expand the program's power and versatility, and the list is growing.

See the Features that make VoxCommando the most powerful and most flexible speech recognition and command utility available for Windows, especially for multimedia.

Selecting a language

VoxCommando allows users to choose between 2 different Microsoft speech recognition engines.

  1. The regular VoxCommando.exe program uses the standard Windows Speech Recognition engine that is preinstalled on many Windows operating systems. It supports: English (US), English (UK), French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese.
  2. The alternative VoxCommandoSP.exe (VoxCommandoSP) uses Microsoft's free Speech Platform 11, which can be downloaded from Microsoft's website. It has some limitations, but it supports many more languages and dialects including Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Mexican (Spanish), Russian and more. Click here to see the full list of languages supported by MS Speech Platform 11.

When you download VoxCommando you are downloading both versions of the program and you can use the executable (exe) that best suits your needs. There are a few extra installation steps if you wish to use the SP version.

Choosing a microphone

  • Guide to Microphones.
  • Android users can take advantage of VoxCommando's customized Android app, VoxWav (Pro or Free version available on the Google Play store). See the forum for details and updates.
  • To use Apple mobile devices as a wifi microphone, try the Mobiola app called Headset. User experiences with this app can be found on the forum.
  • If you want to access your system remotely when away from home using an Android device, Tasker is working well for many of our users. Alternatively, you can use VoxWav via a VPN.
  • As a last resort you can also use Skype (locally or remotely). See: Using Skype and Mobile Device as a wifi Microphone.

Controlling other programs and hardware

Standard Configurations

Get started using one of the preset standard configurations for programs like MediaMonkey, XBMC, JRiver Media Center and more.

You can always combine commands from different configurations once you are more familiar with the program. And you can create your own commands.

Add Control Via Plugins

Additional plugins such as the Onkyo plugin, Skype plugin, the Weather Underground plugin, the Python plugin, and the TCP plugin allow users to create custom commmands to interact with many other programs and devices.

Consult the video tutorials, the wiki pages on editing commands, and the user forum.


Control anything and everything by combining VoxCommando with EventGhost.

VoxCommando now supports direct communication with many things. However, Eventghost is often an excellent companion program due to the expansive list of devices that it already supports.