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Watcher plugin settings

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Plugin Description

Monitors a folder for creation of new files. When a new file is detected, the Watcher plugin can either:

  1. generate an event of the form Watcher.Created.{Filename}, or
  2. read and process a text message within the file as actions to execute. In this case, the message must follow the VoxCommando action API syntax.


VC.TellVox&&ignore me

As of VC version, you have the option of also generating events when your computer registers that a file has changed, been renamed, or been deleted.

Getting Started

Add a new watcher by clicking on the bottom-right +Add new watcher button.

  1. Give your "watcher" a name.
  2. Tell it which folder to start watching. Subfolders will not be watched unless the "Subfolders" checkbox is selected.
  3. If desired, specify a file type to watch for (default is *.txt). Leave blank or use *.* to watch all files.
  4. Customize the other settings according to your needs. TIP: Roll over each of the settings in the plugin window for a full description of its function.
  5. Save options.

If you use Dropbox, the Watcher plugin is a simple way to integrate VoxCommando with IFTTT.

Actions for the Watcher plugin


Stops and removes a watcher by <Name>.

Will not remove a watcher from options, unless you save options in the watcher plugin settings, so if the watcher was originally in settings it will return next time VoxCommando initializes.

  • Parameters: 1
  1. <Name> : Name of the watcher to remove. [string]