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UI Translations

Recently we redoubled our efforts to translate more of the UI for VoxCommando into other languages.


We are attempting to localize (translate) the primary elements of VoxCommando’s UI into the following languages. Some of these languages are now mostly complete:

Note: We are particularly interested in translating the UI into Spanish and Italian.  Spanish is partly done.  For Italian we currently have only computer translations (Bing).

  • German (thanks to Kalle and Dave)
  • Russian (thanks to Pioneer and friends)
  • Portuguese-BR (thanks to Marcus and Wanilton)
  • French (complete but needs verification)
  • Spanish (partly complete but many translations are computer generated)
  • Italian (computer generated translations only)

How you can help

If you or someone you know would like to assist us with the translation project, please send us an email or use the contact form on our website: and we will send you a link to the translation document.

No password is required to view or edit this document. You may privately share this link with others who want to help with the translation project but please do not post the link publicly.  Do not post this link on any forum.  We hope to avoid problems with “Spam-Bots”.

Here is a sample view of translation spreadsheets (Google sheets):

Red cells:  means missing a translation

White cells: means already translated

Tan colour cells: starts with a # – This is a computer translation and needs to be translated by a human. Remove # symbol once translated.

Please ASK first if you are unsure what the English means.  In order to provide good quality translations you need to be somewhat familiar with VoxCommando.  Doing translations and asking us questions is a great way to become more familiar with VoxCommando and to discover features you did not know about!

There is a lot of material that needs to be translated and there will be more to do in the future.  Please do not feel that you need to translate everything by yourself.  If a few people help in each language it will hopefully not become an unpleasant chore for anyone.

Please do not change any column other than the one for the language you are translating. (NOTE: If any of the first 3 columns are edited, this will make it impossible for us to merge the changes back into VoxCommando!)

If you see a translation in your language that you think is wrong, you can make a comment in the comment column, or you can right-click a cell and add a note.  Or you can make a suggestion on the forum.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed for all your help.  We really appreciate it!

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VoxCommando’s new look!

VoxCommando has gone on a diet …

Screenshot of the new VoxCommando look.

Now with a sexy new outfit

Being feature rich doesn’t mean the main UI has to look like a car designed by Homer Simpson, right?

VoxCommando has also dressed itself in a new slimming black outfit. We understand that there are various “new blacks” available  (pink, orange, etc.) but we decided that traditional dark black would be easier on the eyes in home theatre situations.


Less is actually more

Not to worry though, when it comes time to get things done VoxCommando can still let its belt out and put on some work clothes.

By moving the History, Groups, and Plugins tabs into their own windows, we’ve simplified the look of the main window, but the added advantage is that you can now view the history, and active groups and plugins, while editing, testing etc.  This also allows you to maximize the history window when necessary.

Enjoy the new look in version or later, available now on the downloads page.

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