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  • TP Link Kasa Smart Plugs
    Sorry i been off a bit.  Got married, had a kid so been in the weeds w/ other things.My tablet that was using was having major issues and suddenly started working again so I resurrect my VOX to glory.Still rusty butJust thought I'd share this. The write up is pretty good so I'll just link […]
  • Re: Find my phone
    Hi I used this command a while ago and I am looking to see if this is still working for other people the robo.b Does not seem to launch using vc2.2.3.2
  • Re: dynamic command creation/updating
    a possible solution for my usecase would also be if voxcommando could load an entire xml commandtree as default thats online and not the local one in the vc folder? is there any way you could think of for doing just that? 

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Announcing VoxWear for Android Wear 2.0

For those of you who may have missed it here is the preview/demo of VoxWear 2.0

First of all a really big thank-you to Kalle for providing me with the Huawei watch for development and testing. This never would have happened otherwise!

This video shows off the new beta version of VoxWav (called VoxWear 2.0) which is coming soon to the Google Play store and is customized to run on Android Wear 2.0.

This is an early beta (alpha?) developed and tested on a Huawei version 1 watch running a developer preview of Wear 2.0. This version of the app turns Bluetooth off on startup and enables WiFi in order to make direct WiFi communication to VoxCommando possible.

The video shows tilt to speak mode, and then a close-up of the UI and the push to speak method. Other features shown include text to speech on the watch, OSD messages and clickable alternates commands list on the watch.

The app UI includes time, date, and battery percentage.

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Latest Version?

The latest public version of VoxCommando can always be found on the Downloads page.

A summary of changes for each version can be found here: Change Log

All users are encourage to periodically update VoxCommando to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. Before posting to the forum about a bug make sure you are using the latest version of VoxCommando available.

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New release

New release

Lots of little fixes and additions.
Change log:

Sorry for the long period of inactivity. I had a lot of other things to deal with over the summer but I hope to have more time to dedicate to the VC project in the coming months.

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