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VoxCommando is a speech recognition and command utility that lets you take control of your multimedia HTPC
(Home Theatre PC). You can add voice control to your home automation, or you can use it as an assistive tool to speed up everyday tasks, to reduce your reliance on the keyboard and mouse, or simply because it is fun to use!

VoxCommando is different from other speech recognition applications in that it is extremely customizable, and is designed to work with a wide variety of other multimedia programs like XBMC and iTunes. VoxCommando is able to achieve accurate speech recognition because it knows what media is in your library, so it knows what commands to listen for.

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The Digital Lifestyle Show Podcast #449
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VoxCommando does not usually require training. With a good microphone you can start using it immediately after installing, though you will most likely want to customize it to your liking, and in most cases 5 minutes of training can help improve the experience, especially if you have an accent.

VoxCommando has an active forum and new users who are seeking guidance will not be ignored! If you need assistance, or wish to make feature requests, your posts will be most welcome. It is also easy to share custom command configurations with other forum members, by exporting and importing small .xml files and posting them to the forum.